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Year 2000/2001

  • Stéphanie TERRADE : Overview of Hydrodynamic Instabilities, (hyb72)
  • Julien DELBOVE : Experimental study of the bifurcations of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation,(hyb14)
  • Alban DEPOUTRE : The 2D Burgers Equation, (hyb74)
  • Stéphanie ROY :  1D Burgers' Equation, (hyb56)
  • Ludovic MAAS : 1D study of Burgers' equations (hyb41)
  • Laurent NACK, : Burgers' equation 1D study(hyb46)
  • Francois CAMILLERI : 1D Burgers' equation, (hyb08)

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    Teacher : Olivier Thual, thual@imft.fr