This part explains how to specify boundary and continuum types

  • Click on the command button ZONES in the Operation toolpad. It opens the Zones subpad.

  • Click on the button SPECIFY BOUNDARY TYPES in the subpad which opens the Specify Boundary Types form.

  • Pick the entity concerned in the table at the bottom of the window.  Gambit proposes automically the entities available for boundary conditions.

  • Give it a characteristical Name.

  • Choose the entity Type(Outflow, Inflow, ...)

  • Types proposed by Gambit depends of the solver chosen (FLUENT)

    You don't need to define walls and continuum fluid.
    When Gambit saves a mesh, any edges (in 2D) for which you don't have specified a boundary type is written as a WALL by default. Any faces (in 2D) will be written as FLUID by default so you don't have to define the continuum type in the form.

  • To visualise boundary conditions or not on the graphics :

  • In the Graphics/Windows Control toolpad, click on the command button SPECIFY DISPLAY ATTRIBUTES.
    Check B.Layers in the list.
    Check the option Visible On.
    Make Apply.
    Boundary layers appears on the graphics with thw type specified.
    Check the option VisibleOff to erase them.