The aim of this manual is to provide information on the writing of HTML pages. It describes also the use of two performing tools installed in ENSEEIHT, StarOffice5.2 and Netscape Composer.

By following the different steps, you will manage to create nice pages, with correct links, and to make them more user friendly.




definition of the rules and basic principles for the writing of HTML pages,


user manual of StarOffice5.2, a very performing tool for the design and redaction of HTML pages,

Netscape Composer 4.75

user manual of Netscape Composer, a simple tool for the redaction of simple HTML pages,


perfectionment with the description of the use of HTML source code, the javascripts and the control of your pages.

To navigate into the manual, use the table of content in the left part of the page, or the internal links. You can search the desired theme by using the Quick Search Engine.