The purpose of this Mastering of industrial codes and parallelism Hands-On is to use a sliding mesh to simulate transient flows with moving body inside
and more generally to get used to starCD. Sliding mesh is a useful technique in many fluid mechanics applications where rotating body are involved (turbomachinary,...)
and so is an interesting problem to explore.

To understand how a sliding mesh works, we first followed the tutorials 7.1 and 7.2 of StarCD consisting in simulating a transient flow in a two-dimensional model of mixer.
Secondly we applied the same method to a rotating cylinder in a parallel flow. Finally we give an animation of the Savonius eolian station. Finally we give a conclusion about our work.

The overall methodology of the sliding mesh is explained in the on-line manual (StarCD 4) and in the User guide (see "Regular sliding interfaces" in chapter 14). Our manual is meant to give the main stages to perform sliding mesh and to highlight fine points.

The Team

                                    Ludovic Maas: 3rd Year CFD Student at ENSEEIHT,
                                    Laurent Nack: 3rd Year CFD Student at ENSEEIHT,

                                    For more information and questions, please email us.