This manual is a first approch to the software TELEMAC-2D. It tries to permit a easier reading of the TELEMAC user's manual and the running of simple case.

This software aims at solve the Barré de Saint-Venant equations (Shallow eqautions) on a two dimentionnal grid. It computes, on each point of the resolving mesh, water height and averaged velocity in vertical direction. This program is used to solve free surface flow problems. It had been developped principaly to study maritime or fluvial application and it is able to take into account of the next physical problems:


TELEMAC-2D software solve the next four hydrodynamic equations:


For a computation, TELEMAC-2D software needs differents folders before running the computation and delivers others at the end the calculation. Some of these folders are optionnal ones. Next, the most important ones:


Before running a simulation, the user has to impose initial conditions thanks to the key-word CONDITIONS INITIALES. The value is for this case another key-word between : The subroutine CONDIN.f permits to fix the heigh water level, the velocity,... on each boundary point. In all cases, the Fortran folders have the priority face to the parameter one. The boundary conditions are fixed for each border's point. They fix dependant values compute by the software : water heigh, velocities, flow... The k-epsilon conditions are computed. The user could mix different sort of boundary conditions. Boundary conditions could by variable in time and/or in space. In this case, the user has to modify these subroutines: The user could also impose simple boundary conditions with key-words in the parameter folder. For this, he has to impose good condition in his MATISSE project to the boundary points. The boundary conditions folder created by MATISSE shows for each point, the type of the boundary choosen. It could be conditions of height (imposed or free), of velocity (imposed or free) or marker concentration imposed. The key-words relatives to these specific conditions are: 5. CONCLUSION

These explainations are supposed to permit an easier readding of the TELEMAC-2D user manual. They could be used to realise very simple simulations, using principaly the default value of numerous key-words. The comprehension of all the variables used by TELEMAC-2D software and the knowlendge how to well-use them is learned by studying more complex case. So, the method used is different from each case studied. The comprehension of this software is simplify if we could have old studied cases to see methods used.