Case 3 : Vf= 25 m/s

 Mixture between fuel and air is still not present.

Field of fuel mass fraction (iteration 50000)

    Fuel tendency is to come back near the wall, and if this case seems to be more efficient than Vf= 10 m/s just after the injectors, it is close to this case (Vf=10m/s) at the outlet as we can see in the folowing picture.

Average field of fuel mass fraction


    In fact there's a mixture only near the wall, center is pur air what shows the unefficiency of the mixing device.

    Nevertheless if results show that this case is not efficient for mixing, they also show that numerical simulation is closer to reality than Vf = 50 m/s can be. In fact the symmetry of the case assesses the mass fraction repartition at the outlet to be symmetric what can be nearly validate.  Dissymmetry observed in the Vf = 50m/s case was  due to the vortices which appear in front of injectors,mainly in front of the lower one,which are not physicaly correct, and in this case they are still here but smaller and they have less consequencies.