A 3D Example : Elbow Part

Contents:  Geometry & boundary regions  |  The mesh  |  Results with Fluent

       Here a 3D case is tackle. In fact it is the intersection of an elbow pipe with a cylinder. A fluid enters into the elbow and it is possible to have a thermical exchange with another fluid through the cylinder.

Geometry and boundary conditions

      The geometry was not very difficult to build:



The mesh

      It was the hardest patr of this case. Here is the cut into blocks, and the projections:

      Finally, we have the mesh:

      The most difficult here was to create blocks inside the geometry, to assign them as vorfn domain and to project them on the inside cylinder.


Results with Fluent

      Due to a problem with our mesh, it was impossible for Fluent to read our grid. By lack of time, we were not able to carry out another mesh.