Mage : MAillé GEnéralisé

Vaison-La-Romaine, Redon : these two cities are very famous in France for having been the scene of one of the most frequent natural disaster : floods.

Hydrologists therefore need to develop means able to evaluate and to analyze the evolution of our rivers.

Thus, hydrology uses a lot free-surface-flow solver such as Telemac, Fluvia, or Mage.
The aim of this study is to present the new solver Mage. Firstly, we will give its different fields of using, its limits, and we will do a comparison with Telemac and Fluvia. Secondly, we will show how this software got installed on the computer, and will give several rules to respect in order to use it well. And finally, we will present many basic examples in order to illustrate some of Mage's abilities.

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By TOURNEMINE Benoit and ROCHE Valerie