Example of turbulent flat plate:

                        we treat here an example of turbulent flat plate. the geometry and the mesh already exist( 2D with 55x81 nodes). The flat plate have a lenght of 0.4m.The intel velocity is supposed unifor and Re = 3.10 e 6.

          1) Grid :

       To visualize the mesh, face points and face grids we used scope of visualization.

In the fine window Flow solver provids to start iterations, we can visualize residuals by the comand : convergence history.
the calcul is steady 2D ,with a CFL=0.5 and raug kutta explicit temporal discretisation. v_intel=120 m/s.The fluid used is AIR supposed perfect gas.

 results :
                    The results  was visualized with CFView .

                velocity vector :

  if we zoom on the graph (x=0.2 m):

turbulent cinetic energy :