The pre-processing

This part shows how the simulation is pre processed. The pre processor used with Telemac is called Matisse. The two main steps are  : the bathymetry and  the meshing .

The bathymetry

The first step consists in  realizing the bathymetry of the whole area. It represents a very complex and long work and requires a good knowledge of the area. As a consequence, we were given the file which contained all the datas necessary for the study.

Here is the drawing of the bathymetry we obtained with the post processor Rubens :

The meshing

After capturing the bathymetry, the meshing has to be done. We can distinguish between two different areas.  The first one is the Vienne where the celluls have a medium size  (2-9 m) and  the second one is composed of the confluence, the Envigne, and the canal, where the meshing is tightened up (1-2 m) .  The reason why we did it is that the mixing zone between the two rivers is situated in the second area and that the problem we are interested in is situated there as well.