Fluent:  Chemical Reaction Module of Fluent

Person in charge: P. Schmitz
Objective :
The aim of this task is to test the chemical reaction module of Fluent. The example is the regeneration step of a loaded filter. A simple geometry of the filter will be used (2D or axisymmetric channel). The combustion of a carbon particle layer covering the wall of the filter will be considered. To this end the transient thermal behavior of the filter as well as the transport of O2 spacy will be studied.
Working plan :
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
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Deliverables :

1. Report
2. Manual on chemical reaction option
Bibliography :
  1. User's Guide of Fluent
  2. Tutorials  of Fluent
  3. Previous task
Pedagogical interest:
Use and test of Fluent.
Gaz filtration simulation.

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