Star-HPC is run by typing prohpc at the system prompt. The main Pro-HPC panel then appear on the screnn as shown on picture below :
  • Machine Setup is used to set up the parallel machine (connexion to other processes)
  • Problem Setup is used to enter the specific parameters of the problem (that have not been given in the previous StarCD files)
  • Moving Grid Transients is used to compute moving grids
  • Run Setup enables to run all the components set in the following panels
  • Post Processing is useful to split up or combine data from the parallel run for post processing or restarting 
  • Utilities helps in managing the generated data
  • Summary sums up data of the current problem


Click on line "Machine Setup" : the panel shown on the left will be activated.
  • In the two top boxes, choose the options "Distributed Memory" and "Shared Data" : all processors will be attached to the same large disk and will receive information from the others.
  • In the box "Processor Characteristics", enter the name of the machines that are going to make the calculations.
  • Select the "Queuing System" option "None"
  • In the "Message Passing System" options, click on "mpich" and then "Socket"
  • In the box "Machine Specific Settings", choose "Other"


Now specify the architecture of the network : click on the "Remote Machine Settings ..." button. The following panel will be displayed :
  • In the "Architecture" window, type LINUX
  • In the "Root Directory", type /logiciels-mfn/STARCD/v3150/mpp/mpich
  • Now click on "OK"



In the panel "Machine Setup", click on "Go Up" : you will go back to the Pro-HPC panel. Click on line "Problem Setup" : the following panel is activated :
  • Choose the "Basic" option ine the "Decomposition Method" window


Do not forget to select the processors to be used in the corresponding table (according to those you have mentioned in the previous stage)
  • When the processors are selected and written in the right column, click on "Go Up"



Now the simulation is going to run. In the main Pro-HPC panel, click on the "Run setup" line.
Accept the defaults settings and click on the "Create" button. The calculations are going to be made. Convergence should be achieved within the specified maximum number of iterations.


The results that can be obtained within Star-HPC after post-processing are shown on next page ...