Tecplot Data System

Tecplot uses the different types of files listed bellow:
     - Layout: file containing the whole workspace with frames organization and data.
     - Stylesheet: file containing only the organization of a sole frame, but no data. So the style of a frame is easily copied and pasted to another frame.
     - Data: file containing raw data without style, no particular display mode. Data are directly loaded or are imported from common industrial software.

To manage Layouts:
  File/New Layout
  File/Open Layout... open a file *.lay or *.lpk
  File/Save Layout... save a file *.lay

To manage Stylesheets:
  Style/Copy Style to File... open a file *.sty
  Style/Paste Style from File... save a file *.sty

To manage Data:
  File/Load Data File... open a file *.plt
  File/Save Data File... save a file *.plt

 Data Importation From Fluent or StarCD

      From Fluent
      With Fluent:
  - write *.cas and *.dat files (File/Write.../Case & Data...).
With Tecplot:
  - import files File/Import....
  - select import format Fluent Data Loader.
  - select *.cas and *.dat files.

      From Fluent
      With StarCD:
  - export data with CGNS format
With Tecplot:
  - import files File/Import....
  - select import format CGNS.
  - select file.

 Exportation - Images/Animations

      To print visuals to file, use the command File/Export... and choose the type of file.

      Tecplot creates different simple Animations based on the scrolling of Zones, Contour Levels, or Streamtraces. Open Tools/Animate/Zones... Contour Levels... Streamtraces.... Input the number of steps per cycle, the number of cycles and decide if the animation is displayed on screen or exported to a file.

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