The button Plot Attributes... is a shortcut to the most used command.

In the Attributes box, do not confuse Zone Show/ Deactivate and Mesh Show/No or Contour Show/No... Indeed, Zone Show/Deactivate is common to all Zone Layers. So for instance to display contours in the zone1 and vectors in zone2, the two zones must be activated and the parameters are Contour Show and Vector Show.

Velocity Magnitude is not defined when importing data from Fluent. Use the Functions Definition tool to create it.

The functions Copy/Paste of the Edit menu are only available in Tecplot. To save images, use the command File/Export....

To color velocity vectors by velocity magnitude, create a new variable containing Velocity Magnitude and use the option Multicolor.


Download the user manual (.pdf 11Mo 08/2001).

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