Wing Modeling

The mesh is created in only 2 stages: firstly,
meshing of the "source-faces" and secondly, propagation of the mesh.

Source-faces mesh TOP

First, mesh the edges of the source-faces. They are the truncated face of the volume and the tip of the wing which is the face corresponding to the hole in the other face. This two faces are chosen because it is a way to propagate correctly the mesh around the wing and then beyond the wing in the volume.
In the toolbar, select Mesh, Edge, Mesh Edges.

Then select and mesh one by one each edge of the truncated face and of the tip of the wing.
For the 4 edges of the wing:

     - select one edge.
     - click on Reverse to obtain the same orientation (red arrow) for all the edges.
     - the Type of mesh selected here is Bi-exponent with a Ratio of 0.68 in order to refine the mesh upstream and downstream the wing.
     - set the Spacing type to Interval count. The value selected is 20. CAUTION: to propagate the mesh later, the number of intervals must be PAIR.
     - click on Apply.

For the 4 edges of the volume:

     - select one edge.
     - the orientation (red arrow) does not matter because the mesh is Regular.
     - the Type of mesh is Regular.
     - the Spacing type is set to Interval size and arbitrary fixed at 1meter because far from the obstacle.
     - click on Apply.
Finally, mesh successively the 2 source-faces with an unstructured mesh.

Still in the Mesh Menu, select Face, Mesh Faces.
For the 2 source-faces:

     - select one face
     - choose the Elements Tri and the Type Pave for an unstructured mesh.
     - click on Apply.

Propagation of the mesh TOP

Still in the Mesh Menu, select in the toolbar Volume, Mesh Volumes.
Select the volume to mesh.

In this case, the Elements are Hex/Wedge and the Type is Cooper. But it depend on the type of the source-faces cells. If the cells were Quad, the Elements would be Hex and the Type would be Submap

Select the 2 source-faces in the Sources box.

Select Interval size and set the value at 0.1. If this value is too high or prevent the mesh from crossing the tip of the wing, the mesh is not created.

Finally click on Apply to generate the mesh of the volume.

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