[1] "Mecanique des Fluides - Elements d'un premier parcours"
Patrick CHASSAING - Collection Polytech de l'INP de Toulouse, Cepadues-Editions - 1997
[2] "NACA RESEARCH MEMORANDUM - An investigation of the low-speed stability and control characteristics of swept-forward and swept-back wings in the ames 40- by 80-foot wind tunnel"
By Gerald M. McCormack and Victor L. Stevens, Jr - 1947
[3] "NACA RESEARCH MEMORANDUM - A study of stall phenomena on a 45° swept-forward wing"
By Gerald M. McCormack and Woodrow L. Cook - 1949
[4] NASA Facts - X-29 Fact Sheet
[5] "NASA Tehchnical Paper 3414 - In-Flight Lift-Drag Charasteristics for a Forward-Swept Wing Aircraft (and Comparisons with Contemporary Aircraft)
By Edwin J. Saltzman and John W. Hicks - 1994
[6] NACA 4 digits profile generator
by Jens Trapp and Robert Zores at DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt)

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