This study has allowed us to discover a new code of CFD : AVBP.

A the beginning, it took a rather long time to use it easily since several computer operations were required (connexion to a computer at the cerfacs, exchanges of data, ...). Moreover, there is no interface so that users have to modify several files. Nevertheless, beyond those "technical" problems, AVBP has permitted us to obtain relevant results and seems to have well represented the flow within a snorkel (the checking of Bernoulli's equation). We did not have the opportunity to use a finer mesh since it was not yet available.

Inspite of this last problem, the first mesh allowed us to study the formation of recirculation zones. Parameters such as artificial viscosity seem to have got a very important influence on this formation whereas the speed of the car might not be important.

Regarding to the values of the load losses, the determination of the formation of recirculation zones seems to be important. It could change this efficiency of the engine and more globally on the car.

A further study on snorkels could be the comparison between two different shapes of snorkels which could lead to an optimal shape.

References :

website :
books : "Introduction à la mécanique des fluides", P. Chassaing

Students :

Envel Parthenay - Gautier Queru
3rd year CFD students at ENSEEIHT

MFN 2001/2002