Presentation of AVBP

AVBP is a parallel CFD code that solves the laminar and turbulent compressible Navier-Stokes equations in two and three space dimensions on unstructured, structured and hybrid grids. While initially conceived for steady state flows of aerodynamics the current main area of applications is the modeling of unsteady (reacting) flows. These activities are strongly related to the rising importance paid to the understanding of the flow structure and mechanisms leading to turbulence. The prediction of these unsteady turbulent flows is primarily based on the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) approach. An Arrhenius law simple chemistry model allows to study reacting flows in the field of combustion (and related instabilities) for complex configurations.
AVBP runs on CICT workstations.

The Mesh

The mesh used for our simulations is represented on the scheme below :

We can notice that the meshes is rather fine in the zones where the flow might be complex or where various gradients might be important, especially at the inlet of the snorkel.