This study consists in experiencing the Discrete Phase Model of the software "FLUENT". This model is more appropriate for solid particles in liquid phase and we will try to demonstrate that its use in order to study gas-liquid interaction is possible.

In order to validate this model, a classical two phase flow is implemented : a bubble injection in a vertical water-column. The evolution of this bubbles in water is relatively well known theoretically and experimental results are available. Thus, we will try to find numerical results in concordance with theoretical approach and experimental results.

The geometrical characteristics of the bubble column are defined on the right.

These characteristics are chosen according to experimental results of the "Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse". Thus, the comparison will be done easily and the validation of the model will be deduced from this comparison.
Geometrical characteristics

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Espeyrac Lionel
Pascaud Stéphane