First steps in Aerodynamics

with CFX TASCflow



The aim of the MCIP is to discover the software "CFX TASCflow".

CFX-TASCflow is the software of choice for mechanical engineering design and analysis. Powerful features make it an ideal tool for the demanding turbomachinery sector. Subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows can all be simulated, and advanced models for gaseous combustion, reacting particles, fire simulation and wet steam and refrigerants are available.
Other facilities include:
-powerful features for subsonic, transonic, or supersonic flows.
-generalized grid interface to connect completely dissimilar, non-matching grids, regardless of how they were created.
-advanced models for reacting and combusting flows including gaseous, droplet, and coal combustion, reacting particle tracking, and fire simulation.
-multiple frames of reference to efficiently model flows with rotor/stator interactions.

To discover the software, we make a simulation of transonic and supersonic flows about a NACA 0012 airfoil at zero angle of attack thanks a CfxTascflow tutorial.