We are currently students at the INP - ENSEEIHT TOULOUSE (National Polytechnic Institute of Engineering in Electrotechnology, Electronics, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications), a top-ranking French engineering school, from which we will graduate in June 2002. We are specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics within the Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Department, and we would be pleased to offer foreign students the opportunity of following CFD courses in order to obtain a European Master of CFD. Students would be eligible for grants under the Eiffel programme which is described below.

Studying in Toulouse

Toulouse is both european centre for Space, Aeronautics and High Technologies and a cultural crossroads. There are famous universities and engineering schools which have attracted students for years.

Created in 1995 within the Fluid Mechanics department of the ENSEEIHT, the CFD courses have received a growing number of students ever since, and itcovers many leading activities such as Aeronautics, the Oil Industry, the Environment and Energy.


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The EIFFEL programme

The EIFFEL programme consists in awarding grants from the French Government to foreign students willing to study and to obtain a graduate or post-graduate degree in France. Those grants amount to 1017,14 Euros per month and also cover several other costs (travel, insurance, cultural activities, …).

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