by Aurelie Bachelet, third year student at ENSEEIHT

This site has been developed for two school projects called Mastering Industrial Codes and Parallelism (MCIP) sessions B and C.

I am currently an engineering student in final year at ENSEEIHT (National Polytechnic Engineering School of Electronics, Electrotechnology, Computer Science, Hydraulic and Telecommunication) mastering in Hydraulics and Fluid Sciences in the optional 3rd year branch of Numerical Fluid Mechanics.

The goal of my first MCIP task was to learn how to use Olga (a Scandpower software) and to develop a site to help other people beginning with Olga. Then, I chose to go on with learning Olga and used an other MCIP session to compare two types of petroleum software : Olga and Tacite. The results of these two sessions are presented in this web site. The two first simulations have been implemented during the first MCIP session and the three others have been implemented during the second one. Consequently, to begin with Olga refer to the part called "Information" and the two first simulations. If you are used to work with Tacite and want to know how Olga run, you will find comparisons between Olga and Tacite in the three last simulations.