Grass5 is divided in several totaly independant functionalities. Each function has its own script and its own name. We can see on the picture above the names of some of these functions. Their names are composed by words or letters separated by points, and are built following a very strict structure. Let's take some examples :

It does exist a very long list of functions (more than 200) which is a always evoluting, as Grass5 developers everywhere in the world program new functionalities which will be integrated in Grass5 future versions. If you are interested in these developments, visit the official Grass mirror site in France, at the University of Bourgogne,

You can see written on the picture 'TCLTK mode'. TCLTK is a graphic user interface, which can prove veru useful when you do not want to enter Grass5 commands in a Unix shell. The TCLTK interface is very well built and very easy to use, but a lot of functionalities have not been integrated to it : it ca be a serious problem sometimes.

Grass5 contains a very powerful 3D visualization tool, which is called NVIZ. We will see later some pictures we can obtain with it.

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