We asked some people who attended the conference to tell us about their minds on the GIS topic.

"GIS are very interesting. It allows a precision which can prove very interesting in our future jobs. During an interview for a training-period, I was asked if I knew about GIS : I just had to say 'no!'. It becomes necessary that students, in our domain, be taught GIS". "I was quite impressed by this conference. I think that GIS softwares must be included in our formation. The accuracy in data analysis is outstanding. However, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that it is very difficult and expensive to obtain datasets with the precision required for hydrology calculations. The future development of data collecting technics should be taught at the ENSEEIHT." "Throughout this conference, we understood above all how important it is for us to know how to use GIS softwares. I definitely think that these softwares have to be ones of our best-known, as Telemac or Fluent." "Quite good conference. Pretty clear. GIS softwares look a necessary tool for nowadays engineers in hydrology. We are looking forward to be taught the basic use of Grass5."