First Steps With CFX-TASCflow (FSWC)
Authors : A.Stoukov
Objective : CFX-TASCflow is the computational fluid dynamics software of choice for mechanical engineering design and analysis. Its unique coupled, algebraic multigrid solver runs in parallel on any number or combination of UNIX or NT processors. Powerful features make it an ideal tool for the demanding turbomachinery sector- the generalized grid interface allows dissimilar, non-matching grids to be connected, while multiple frames of reference and sliding meshes permit time-averaged or full transient rotor/stator interactions to be modeled. Subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows can all be simulated, and advanced  models for gaseous combustion, reacting particles, fire simulation and wet steam and refrigerants are available.
 The main objectif of present task is to evaluate the features of this soft and to write simple manual ( Getting Started).
Duration : 6 weeks
Working plan :
week 1 
week 2 
week 3 
week 4 
week 5
week 6
* *** *
** ** *
** **** *****
FSWC.5 ****
Deliverables : Report and simplified user manual
Bibliography :   CFX User Guide.
Pedagogical interest: New software evaluation.

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