Introduction To ICEM CFD (ITIC)

Authors :Nicolas Daget

Person in charge: A. Stoukov

Objective : ICEM CFD is the leading software for 3-D grid generation for CFD and other engineering applications. The grid generation tools of ICEM CFD offer the capability to create grids from geometry in multi-block structured, unstructured hexahedral, tetrahedral, hybrid grids consisting of hexahedral, tetrahedral, pyramidal and prismatic cells, as well as Cartesian grid formats combined with boundary conditions. The aim of this task is to learn how to create meshes with ICEM CFD and to use several generation commands. Methods of meshing can be illustraded by several examples, from a simple geometry to a more complex one. A list of answers to a FAQ (Frenquently Asked Questions) can also be produced.

Duration :5 weeks

Working plan :