Star CD : Meshing

Person in charge: A. Stoukov
Objective :
The aim of this task is to learn how to create meshes for Star CD and to use several generation commands.
Methods of meshing can be illustraded by several examples, from a mere geometry to a more complex one. Students may refer to the study of rotating mesh carried out by current members of "BEI Eoliennes".
A list of answers to a FAQ (Frenquently Asked Questions) can also be produced.
Working plan :
Weeks week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6
SCDM.1 **          
SCDM.2   ***        
SCDM.3     **** *** *  
SCDM.4       * ***  
  submission         presentation


Deliverables :

  • 1. Report
  • Bibliography :
    1. User's Guide of Star CD
    2. Tutorials Star CD version 3.10
    3. Notes and experience of current "BEI Eoliennes" members
    Pedagogical interest:
    Use Star CD.
    Complex Meshing.

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