Two Phase Flows with Fluent

Author : D. Legendre
Objective :
The aim of this task is to test the ability of Fluent to solve two phase flow problems. Numerous experimental or analitical results are available and can be used in order to test Fluent. For example, we will consider here the effect of the gravity of the bubble distribution in a pipe flow under different condition of gravity : upward flow, downwrd flow and zero gravity.
Working plan :


week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6























Deliverables :

1. Results of the Simulations
2. Comparison with experimental results
Bibliography :
  1. User's Guide of Fluent/INS & Rampant tome 1, 2, 3, 4.
Pedagogical interest:
Use and test FLuent for two phase flows simulations.
Direct application of the courses on two phase flows.

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