Mastering Industrial Codes and Parallelism

REPORTS    2002/2003

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Session MICP 2002/2003 B
*SR : Student Request

Session MICP 2002/2003 D
  • AVKS : AVBP Karman Street (B. Cuenot, L. Selle)
  • F. Girard, S. Delage
  • ACWS: Airfoil Computation with StarCD (G. Dessouter, E. Bourg)
  •  G. Dessouter, E. Bourg
  • TACF: Turbulent Airfoil Computation with Fluent (A. Marie, M. Icho)
  •  A. Marie, M. Icho
  • FSSC:  Free Surface flow over a Semi Cylinder (D. Astruc)

  •            V. Bauve

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    Session MICP 2002/2003 C

  • PAIC: Precision Analyze of Industrial Codes (D. Legendre / A.Stoukov)
  • E. Bourg (hys19)
  • PCIC: Parallel Computation with Industrial Codes (A.Stoukov)
  •  F. Girard (hys23)
  • FSWA : First Steps With AMESim (A. Stoukov)
  • A. Marie (hys22)

    Session MICP 2002/2003 A
  • AVC1: AVBP Combustion (B. Cuenot, L. Selle)
  • G. Pasteau, G. Dessouter
  • AVC2: AVBP Combustion (B. Cuenot, L. Selle)
  • J. Bonelle, F. Menard
  • AVSL: AVBP Shear Layer (B. Cuenot, L. Selle)
  • S. Delage, M. Cabana
  • BMA1: Boussinesq Modeling of an Artificial Reef (D. Astruc)
  • G. Anguil, E. Renaud
  • BMA2: Boussinesq Modeling of an Artificial Reef (D. Astruc)
  • L. Gastine-Viennot, A. Marie
  • DFSC: Duct flow over a semi-cylinder (D. Astruc)
  • M. Icho, V. Bauve
  • GUID: Graphical User Interface Developpement (D. Legendre / A.Stoukov)
  • Th. De Colombel, S. Bouisset, C. Massoulier
  • CWOT: Calculation With Olga and Tacite (D. Legendre)
  • F. Girard, E. Bourg



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