Mastering Industrial Codes 
Year 2004/2005

(version  04/10/2004)

EOSH Exemple Of Sheets for future sessions Teacher Name

P. Nom , P. Nom

Sessions and teachers

MCI C : 01/10, 08/10, 15/10, 22/10, 03/11, 10/11 D. Legendre* , D. Astruc
MCI A : 05/10, 12/10, 19/10, 02/11, 09/11, 16/11 J-F. Boussuge, B. Cuenot/L. Gicquel, A. Stoukov
MCI B : 23/11, 30/11, 07/12, 14/12, 14/12, 15/12 J-L. Estivalezes, D. Legendre, A. Stoukov
MCI D : 07/01, 14/01, 20/01, 21.01, 27/01, 28/01 J-F. Boussuge*, B. Cuenot*/L. Gicquel*
Possibility for one session  A. Pedrono, F. Duchaine

Session C

IESM Installation and Exploration of the SWAN wave Model D. Astruc

V. Bouzard, L. Bouzol

FKSD Forced-KdV solver development D. Astruc

J. Bodart

CIPC Calculation with Industrial Petroleum Code D. Legendre

M. Martin, B. Rouilly

PAIC Precision Analyze of Industrial Codes D. Legendre / A. Stoukov

M. Ed Dinari

VCIC VOF Calculation with Industrial Codes D. Legendre / A. Stoukov

N. Ropars

FSWF First Steps With Fire A. Stoukov

L. Martinez

Session A

AVBP Learn the use of an unsteady (LES) combustion code - AVBP B. Cuenot  / L. Gicquel

L. Martinez, N. Ropars

TEAD Transonic External AeroDynamic  J-F. Boussuge

M. Doucet, J. Bodart

AAHE ArcView Autonomous Handling and Exploration A. Stoukov

L. Bouzol, R. Pacquement

CFCF Compressible Flow Calculation using Fire A. Stoukov

V. Bouzard, M. Ed Dinari

MFGB Modeling of Filling of the Gas Bottles: feasibility study A. Stoukov

B. Rouilly, M. Martin

HRAH  HEC-RAS Autonomous Handling Student request


Session B

DFVC Development of a Finite Volumes Code for teaching A. Stoukov

J. Bodart

FCOD Fortran code optimization using development environment tools A. Pedrono

N. Ropars

GCIH GERRIS Code Installation and Handling J.L. Estivalezes

V. Bouzard

GICJ Graphical interface creation with Java
A. Pedrono

R. Pacquement

HIPC HTML Interactive Page Creation  A. Pedrono

B. Rouilly

ICGC Implementation and Calculation of a Granular Code D. Legendre

C. Perrin, L. Bouzol

Reacting Flow with Industrial Codes
Student request

M. Martin, M. Doucet

Reacting Flow with Fire
Student request

L. Martinez

VPWM Visual Programming With Matlab  Student request

M. Ed Dinari

Session D

PALM  Use of PALM coupling device  F. Duchaine, L. Gicquel

V. Bouzard, B. Rouilly

AVBP Learn the use of an unsteady (LES) combustion code - AVBP B. Cuenot  / L. Gicquel

L. Martinez

Olga 2000 Autonomous Handling
Student request

M. Ed Dinari

Tasks to choose

AVSP Learn the use of an acoustic code for burners - AVSP B. Cuenot  / L. Gicquel

P. Nom , P. Nom

UCFS Unstructured Compressible turbulent Flow Solver J.L. Estivalezes

P. Nom , P. Nom