March 14, 2008


A type of biomass : bagasse


This industrial project is a partnership between the Department of Fluid Mechanics at ENSEEIHT and EDF which is interested in developing biomass gasifiers. Thus, this website consists in a technical study regarding this technology. You will find in the following pages general and technical information about it. You will be able to navigate through the pages thanks to the side panel which is composed of the following sections :


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Preliminary results:

it contains general information about biomass pyrolysis and its ecological and economical aspect.

Validation case:

it consists in undertaking a complex reactive polydisperse simulation with Neptune CFD and comparing it to available results in the litterature.

Application to the industrial case:

it contains the examination of EDF needs. Results on the industrial geometry are provided and recommendations are emitted for optimizing the gasifier.

Downloads and links:

it contains the pdf version of our study and interesting links toward websites related to this study

The group

The group is composed of three student-engineer in last year at ENSEEIHT ( : Kevin Gaudji, Patrick Olivier, Anthony Ruiz. It is leaded by Olivier Simonin, professor at the IMFT (, specialized in fluid-particles interactions.