Les articles

[1] Advancements in Development of Chemical-Looping Combustion: A Review. He Fang, Li Haibin, and Zhao Zengli; The Renewable Energy and Gas Hydrate Key Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2009)

[2]A review of attrition of fluid cracking catalyst particles. R. Boerefijn, N. J. Gudde, M. Ghadiri.; Advanced Powder Technol (2000)

[3] Impact attrition of particulate solids: Part 1: A theoricial model of chipping. M. Ghadiri, Z. Zhang. ; Chemical Engineering Science (2002)

[4]Impact attrition of particulate solids: Part 2: experimental work. M. Ghadiri, Z. Zhang.; Chemical Engineering Science (2002)

[5]A review of Attrition and Attrition Test Methods. C. R. Bemrose, J. Bridwater.; Powder Technology (1987)

[6]Hydrodynamic influences on particle breakage in fluidized beds P. Ayazi Shamlou, Z. Liu, G. Yates; Chemical engineering Science (1990)

[7] A model on attrition of quartzite particles as a bed material in fluidized beds X. Jiang, L. Zhou, J. Liu, X. Han; Powder Technology (2009)

[8] Threshold conditions for dynamic fragmentation of glass particles E.W. Andrews K.-S. Kim; Mechanics of Materials (1999)

[9] Integrated particle collision and turbulent diffusion model for dilute gas-solid suspensions R.c. Senior *, J.R. Grace; Powder Technology (1997)

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Cours de Milieux Granulaires. D. LEGENDRE ENSEEIHT 3A HY FP

Cours d'écoulement gaz-particule. O. SIMONIN ENSEEIHT 3A HY FP-MFN-ENG

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