Selection of results obtained in term 1998/1999

Rocket Booster (Francois Dabireau and Sebastien Massart):
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Computational grid for booster configuration.

Flow field for inlet Mach number Mach=0.01 (left) and Mach=0.1.

Aircraft Engine Flow (Frederic Deghetto and Arnaud Delaunay):
In this interesting configuration external and internal flow phenomena are studied.

Parameter study of freestream Mach number for fixed angle of incidence at 20 degrees: Mach=0.1 (left) and Mach=0.5.

Parameter study of angle of incidence for fixed freestream Mach number at Mach=0.85: 0 degree, 20 degrees, 45 degrees and 65 degrees.

Nozzle Flow (Said Ghalimi and Samir Karaa):
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Mach number shading for different nozzle geometries.

Mach number shading for freestream Mach=0.9 at different iteration numbers: 1, 5, 10, 20, 100 and 300.