The story does not stop now. In fact scientists have discovered that the road to chaos by doubling the period enclosed a lot of order. Some appears in the next graphe which comes from " Un miroir turbulent " a book by J. Briggs and F.D.Pead.

This graph shows the structure of chaos and other view of a strange attractor. Let's first remark the dark zones full of points which represent the quasi-infinite number of states in which the population can be. Moreover the larva's number fluctuate in four large zones, then two and finally one. The manner the graph deploys leave us thinking that the chaotic filling of space of phase is a strangely ordered process.

Then let's remark that the dark lines form parabolas in the chaotic space. These lines represent the values where the probability to find the system is higher. A new form of order in chaos again.

Finally, let's remark the white vertical strips all along the dark chaotic zone. There are in fact windows in which the system become stable. The population becomes again foreseeable, but if we increase lightly the birth-rate, the windows is open and the chaos rushes into.