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The notion of oscillator is essential to the study of the dynamic of evolutions.

Periodic phenomena are extremely spread. And moreover, with the Fourier transformation, an evolution can be devided in a sum of periodical contributions.

So you easily understand the essential role for analysis of the oscillator.

The pendulum is a simple example of oscillator.

The aim of this presentation of many configurations of pendulum is to introduce some of the most important notions.

From the simple to the parametric pendulum, the idea of instability will be summarized.

And, to make this report less formal, some internet links will allow you to visualize the possible cases and their evolutions...

Structure of this report

I. The FREE oscillator : the simple pendulum without any friction ( non-dissipativ system)

II. The ABSORBED oscillator : the pendulum with fluid friction

III. MAINTAINED oscillators : pendulum and equation of Van der Pol

IV. The PARAMETRIC oscillator : the simple pendulum without friction in a various gravitational range

V. A SPECIAL oscillator. The notion of Bifurcation

VI. The Interview of PIERRE BERGE.