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LOWC (List of Working Codes)Task Report

Arnaud DELAUNAY (Mfn05) and Eric VALETTE (Mfn12)





List of working codes

Parallele working


This task aims to create a new structure and develop the patrimony known by the option for the last two years. Many codes have been installed and it seemed necessary to create a structure which permits an easy and logical utilization of these softwares.

It has been decided that in the new codes workshop , the used softwares , which are supposed to be used later, would be stored in a special directory. More over, a cshrc file will be created in order to use these software from his home directory.



The differents codes installed in new codes workshop will be available in the directory :




The file named prodanc.csh will include all the path necesseries to run the diferents softwares include in the directory prodanc.

This file is divided in several parts (see for example the first prodanc.csh) :

PATH , which contains the path for the executable files of the softwares

MANUAL, which contains the path for the manuals of the softwares

ALIAS , which contains useful alias made by students or masters when they install the softwares.

Other parts could be add in the future ...


List of working codes

Actually we have linked two softwares :

Code_LNH is a group of four softwares used to solve the 1D Saint Venant model . For more informations, see the LTMT manual /Report in section 4 (year study 97/98)

Athos which is a software used in the Petroleum industry. For more informations, see the FSWA Report and the Athos manual in section 6 (year study 98/99) .

Artemis is a software used to simulate the swell. More informations can be found in the ELHA report (year 96/97 session 2).

The UNIX command used to make links between directories is :

ln -s $1 $2

where $1 is the source directory and $2 is the target directory.


parallele working

in add of this organization work, we debugged two manuals :

The LTMT manual, used for the differents softwares in the Code_LNH directory

The Artemis manual.
At the beginning of the New Codes Workshop session we wanted to install Artemis in the prodanc directory. But Artemis is a part of Telemac-2D which is used in BES and already exists in the logiciels-mfn directory. We don't linked it in prodanc but debugged their manuals which can be found in the session 2(year study 96/97) . The report about this software is named :
" Compte-Rendu A et B : ELHA Exploration du Logiciel de Houle Artemis "


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