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Dabireau (mfn03) and Massart (mfn08)

Three Dimensional Mesh of a Solar Vehicle.


This task aims to make the three dimensional mesh of a solar vehicle developed for the next World Solar Challenge in Australia


.1: Analysis of previous tasks using PREBFC and TGRID to make a 3D mesh.

.2: Construction of simple unstructured 3D meshs.

.3: Construction of the 3D mesh of the solar vehicle using the geometry obtained by the ENSICA team with CATIA.


1:Analysis of previous Tasks

The previous tasks don't really offer the methods to realise a complexe 3d mesh. In fact, we began to use PreBFC with the 2D examples we found.

The help of D.Dartus and the reading of the PreBFC and TGrid manuals were the best solution to progress quickly !

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.2:Meshing several Cubes

To begin our task, we decided to build a simple cube with PreBFC-3D.

The second operation consists in the unstructured meshing of this cube .

Thus, we made a simulation with FLUENT to verify the quality of the mesh built with TGrid.

And, to be sure of the possibilities that offers the TGrid software, we built two cubes. The aim was to be able to built a complexe structure composed of singular elements disconnected.

The purpose of this exercise was only the knowledge of the tools PreBFC and TGrid.


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3: 3D mesh of the solar vehicle

First of all, we must precise that we didn't obtain the real geometry of the solar vehicle before the end of the session. So, the geometry of the vehicule built with PreBFC is the result of our imagination...You will never see it in Australia for the next World Solar Challenge !!!

This first picture shows the complexe geometry of the vehicule we will mesh.


In this configuration, there is no mesh on the surfaces of the vehicule.

The second picture shows the surfaces meshed with PreBFC. This is obviously an unstructured mesh.

The following 2 pictures are the final result of PreBFC. The vehicule is placed in a rectangular domain which will be the necessary structure for the boundary condition.

TGrid is the tool that generates the mesh between all the different surfaces of the structure built in PreBFC.

The next pictures show the mesh in some plane surfaces of the calculate volume.

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