Steps to get the same simulation

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the first thing you have to do is seting up Geometrie and Grid.

This can be achieved easily by prebfc : The classical fluent's preprocessor.

after this you should go to fluent/uns and begin definition of the simulation you want to do. This can be done by folloween these tasks :

1. Enable finit rate reaction or non-reacting speices transport:

you should define a model for your reaction ->

define -> Models -> Speices Transport Model

2. Specifying the mixture material and defining the properties of the mixture wich include informations about :

  • Speices in the mixture :
  • you have to define here the mixture you want to use for your reactions. for this you click on define -> material ...

    and in the material panel you check for the mixture in the database and you add it to the evailable mixture speices. then you select it and go to the folloween step.

  • Reactions :
  • once you have shosen the mixture you should now fixe the different values for the parameters of the model (cf. mathematical models)

  • other physical properties.
  • 3. Defining properties of each reactant in the mixture.

    4. Set speices boundary conditions.

    its the last thing you have to do : you have set the boudary conditions using define boudary conditions

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