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Run The Software ATHOS

Talbi Samia (mfn11) and Guenadou David (mfn14)

In our former task, we have learned to use SIMVIEW, the ATHOS preprocessing software.
Now we choose to discover how to simulate a reservoir production with ATHOS, and how to plot the results with SIMVIEW.

So our report will be divided into two parts:

1. Run ATHOS

In the former task, we had many problems to generate the file needed by ATHOS to simulate the production. This file (a .edo) groups all informations about a reservoir. So we send a e-mail to the hot-line, and by waiting their responds, we use a .edo file given by M. Ali Fadili.

Now we could have run ATHOS. This could be made by two methodes: a graphical one (by using SIMVIEW), and by typing some command lines. How to use them in details, and which files they generate are reported in the manual.

Using ATHOS in command lines


After a few days the hot-line repied us: we didn't have copy some files in our home directory. We had to copy all the .key files in our home directory to succede in the generation of the .edo file.

2. Plot the results


Example of a graph

The results coukd be plot with SIMVIEW (SIMVIEW is the pre- and the post-processor). We used the results calculated with ATHOS, and followed the tutorial to understand how it work. A few modules (XY Plot, 2D View, 3D View) allow to plot different kind of graph. A manual have been writen to explain how to use them.


This task have been the continuation of a First Step With Athos. This enables us to understand why, in FSWA, the .edo file could not be generated. Moreover, we have learned to use the post-processing (how to plot graphs). Now a last task, could be a compete reservoir study with ATHOS. During this task, a good idea could be to compare the computations with the measurements production.

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