Fluent 5 can be found for different operating systems (Unix, Windows...). In our school, Fluent 5 have been installed on PCs and Workstations. We have made a benchmark to compare the two different versions.

This benchmark is the case studied. The mesh is plotted below:

It contains 35 273 nodes and is a hybrid mesh.

The case have been solve with the options:

On the PCs (Pentium 233):

It takes 20 s to launch Fluent (may be due to the connextion to the server).

The problem have been solved in about 21 minutes and 40 s with 79 iterations.

On the workstations (Sun Ultra 1):

The problem have been solved in about 24 minutes with 79 iterations.


The computation on the PCs are faster than on a workstation of about 10 %. We have also check that the two results are the sames.