Surfing began as a traditional sport exclusive to Hawaiian royalty. It has evoloevd into an activity enjoyed by an estimated 10 milllion people worldwide.

A surf spot is a preferred location for surfing. A surf spot is the marine equivalent of park, a playground pleasant for recreationnal surfing and competitions. Its reputation depends on the wave it offers. So, men had been brought to reshape the seafloor to improve wave breaking transformation.The method they use is to set up artificial reefs.

I - To conceive a reef

A good reef conception requires careful considerations on :

Our project aims to write up a practical guide for an eventual reef conception. The SEPA proposed it to us. ( SEPA stands for ..)



This mixt economy company is in charge with regional development and constructions with always an environmental worries. This project is developped by the Bayonne's branch, responsable of the "côte basque" development.

The persons we are in touch with are :


III- The place elected

III-1 General presentation

St Jean-de-Luz used to offer a big wave called "la droite de ste barbe" wich had been partially destroyed by many coastal developments. To understand better what happened, you can use the following link :

Les digues de la baie de St Jean-de-Luz : théorie et historique.

You can also discover the city of St Jean-de-Luz answering questions of our Quizz.


III-2 Maps

One of the first steps of this study is to collect geographical information necessary to numercal modelling. For example : the maps edited by the SHOM ( Hydrodynamics and Oceanographics Department of the Navy). Here you can consult the one of St Jean-de-Luz in different sizes :