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   How do we call the inhabitants of Saint-Jean-de-Luz ?

  the Luzarois

  the Jeannots luzins

  the Luziens

     How do we call them in bask ?





     How many are they ?

  about 8 237

  more or less than 13 000

  exactly more than 20 156

     What's the name of the mayor of SJDL ?

  Michèle Alliot-Marie

  Dominique Voynet

  Michel Etcheverry


     Which river ends in SJDL bay ?




     What the name of the second city of the bay ?




     Which king got married in SJDL ?

  Louis XIV

  Louis XV

  Sacré Charlemagne

     Which famous French musician was born in SJDL ?




     Which of these is a speciality of SJDL ?

  les cannelés

  les macarons luziens

  les pyrénéens

     Which miss is elected every July in SJDL ?

  miss Sardine

  miss Piment

  miss Thon