4 - Results: some beautiful drawings

First, we launch the calculations with a number of iterations equal to 1.
The sequence of instruction to plot the points with Matlab is very simple:

    load d:\x.txt
    load d:\y.txt
    plot (x,y)

What we get is:

-Koch's curve after one iteration-  -Koch's curve after two iteration-  -Koch's curve after three iteration-

-Koch's curve after four iteration-   -Koch's curve after six iteration-  -Koch's curve after seven iteration-

You can see that the last two pictures make no difference. At this scale, we can't observe it.
Click here for a zoom on the 8 iterations Koch's snowflake: ZooMLet's zOoM
And of course, we can animate those picture so as to have a look at the evolution in one single glance.