Startup Commands

     To start Gambit, you can just enter the command gambit, but you can also precise some options in the command.  The aim is not to  describe here those options (to specify a graphic driver name or to specify the window size for example). The most useful to start with Gambit probably are gambit -help, which displays the available startup options and gambit  name_session -new, to start a new session called name_session, gambit name_session -old to reopen an already existing session. If  those quick commands don't work, try the following command: gambit -id name_session -dev x11 -old (/new).

General overview

        At first look, the main advantage, from the point of view of someone used to preBFC (the previous mesher of Fluent), is that all the work can be done using the mouse, with a much more friendly and intuitive environnement.

The main menu bar is composed of 4 menu items:

This menu item allows the user to create, open and save Gambit sessions, print graphics, edit and/or run journal files, import and export model data, exit the program.

It is used to edit sessions titles, launch a text editor, edit model parameters and program defaults.

It is used to specify the computational solver which is going to be used to solve the CFD problem (Fluent 4 in many cases at N7).
This operation is essential and must be done as soon as Gambit is open. Indeed the choice of the solver is necessary to set the boundary conditions.

This menu item launches the local web browser and open the Gambit on-line help document.

The main pad, at the left corner is composed of four command buttons. Those buttons are going to be used to define the geometry and create the mesh. It is composed as follows:

  GEOMETRY: create and refine model geometry
  MESH: create and refine the mesh
  ZONES: specify boundary and continuum types
  TOOLS: specify coordinate systems and grids

   Using the mouse

            The mouse can be used in two modes: a dynamic mode and a selecting mode. The dynamic mode is the default mode for Gambit.

Left Mouse Button
Middle Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button
Dynamic mode
Zoom Rotation
Selecting mode
Select an entity
Following Selection
Validate an entity

            An other way to visualize the images is to click on   in order to see four views of your graph (interesting command in 3D cases). When you want to go back to one view, just click on the small square in the middle of the screen and modify the size of the different views.