First of all, this MCIP course has allowed us to discover and try the Telemac code in "original" conditions. Indeed we wanted to use it for the avalanches modelling but we have noticed that Telemac is not well adapted to this case for several reasons : important slopes, very viscous "fluid", high velocity and non physical Strickler value.
Despite of this, we have succeeded in obtaining useful results for our BEI because the propagation of the avalanche was good. Moreover the main goal of our BEI is to compare an avalanche flow in a particular channel with and without protection walls. So we particularly payed attention to stop the oscillations we observed in a first time. Indeed, some of them reached an amplitude of almost 10 meters, which was non physical,of course, and moreover, impossible to simulate with a wall (the snow would have gone upper the wall). With the last simulations we run, this problem was solved (using a non physical value of the Strickler) and even if it is important to remind that those simulations are still very corse, we can analyse some global aspects of avalanches.