This part of the work has been made with the pre-processor of Telemac Matisse, which allows to create the geometry, the mesh and the boundary conditions and generate two input files for Telemac : one for the geometry and one for the boundaries.
  • The geometry
  • The geometry consists in a two different parts domain to simulate a real configuration of avalanche : a inclined avalanche corridor where the avalanche starts and a square domain of 300 meters width in order to see the growing of the avalanche on a less inclined slope. The difference in level is about 200 meters between the starting point of the avalanche and the bottom of the domain. Here is a picture of the domain geometry :

  • The mesh

  • The precision of the mesh is different for these two parts : the raffinment of the mesh is a factor 5 in the channel while it is 10 for the square.
    The mesh is generate automatically by Matisse with these indications; it is a non-structured mesh with 2020 points and 3846 triangular elements.