Conclusion and future tasks

    We have encountered some problems during computations. The main problem was the difficulty to reach a physical steady state before simulating any transient case.
The problems come from the impossibilty to specify a correct initialisation of water height field. Our relative light knowlegde of TELEMAC let us a bit disapointed that it was impossible to specify a constant water heith in the domain. Actually we were obliged to specify a constant free surface altitude. This led to weird results from TELEMAC. Secondly we can refer to the boundary conditions to explain our problems. The water heiht imposed for the outlet of the domain does not lead to good results since it maintains the free surface to level that is not compatible with equilibrium that TELEMAC would impose.
    A minor probleme was how to specify the inlet mass flow only in the bed of the river. First solution  was to define the whole width of the domain entrance as a wet boundary, but computation showed that the water injected sheds into the plain before reaching the river. We decided to specify as a wet boundary only the width of the river so that the total mass injected flows into the river.

Futur tasks will involve to reach a pysical steady state......