Iceberg simulation

 II. Simulation


 1. Temperature

    The results obtained were the following ones:
A vertical gradient of temperature between the two walls has been established.

 2. The  liquid fraction

    To know what was the state of the material in the domain, ones had to display the liquid fraction of the material.
When this liquid fraction is equal to zero that means the material is completely solid; when it is equal to one that means the material is completely liquid. We obtained the following results:

    We can notice the formation of a iceberg upstairs. The interface between ice and liquid water corresponds at the isotherm line of 273 K which is the value we gave to the Solidus temperature and Liquidus temperature of the material.
This result is in the same way than the theoretical results.
Nevertheless, the gradient obtained seems to be the same that the gradient obtained without activating two phases option. To verify this hypothesis, we are going to compare a simulation with the two phases option activated and another without this option activated.