Iceberg simulation

III. Comparison between simulations with and without two phases option activated

    We realized the same simulation than previously with the same mesh, the same limit and initial conditions, but, without activating two phases option.

 1. Temperature

    At first, we can notice that we obtained the same profiles of temperature with the two simulations:

Two phases simulation

Classical simulation

To be sure that the results were identical, we plot a cut of the middle of the domain to determinate were the isotherm line was.
Theoretically, this isotherm is not located at the same place if we have only liquid water or if we have solid and liquid water.
Yet, when we compared the simulations, we have found the same results:

Two phases simulation                                               Classical simulation

 2. Thermal conductivity

    We looked also at the thermal conductivity during the two phases simulation. Theory foresees that ice and liquid water have not the same one. Nevertheless, the results obtained showed an uniform thermal conductivity.