The aim of this MCIP task is to use the mesh generator Gambit to develop a 3-D mesh for a standard mixing system, which is a cylindrical reactor equipped with an anchor agitator. Gambit is an "intelligent meshing tool" developped by Fluent and compatible with some others standard CFD  codes. This mesh generator allows to build complex 2-D or 3-D meshes in a very easy way. We defined a meshing strategy trying to fit as much as possible the given reactor geometry : we decided to build a 2-D mesh taking in account all parts of the reactor, and then to extrude it and remove meshing volumes corresponding to non-fluid parts.

We will first present some useful Gambit tools for 3-D meshes, then we will explain the mesh generation process for 2 types of reactor geometry, with a flat or with an ellipsoidal bottom, and to finish with, we will show an example of flow calculation with Fluent using the mesh we generated.